Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hunger Games from a Non-YA Reader's Perspective (3)

This will be the last post for this little feature because my dad has finished The Hunger Games! He actually read it really fast for him and he kept exclaiming how fast of a read it was. Oh, Dad. However, he has decided to continue onto Catching Fire, for which I am really excited. It's a on trial basis right now; he first wants to see how he likes it. Some of his comments on The Hunger Games were (spoiler alerts):

- he wished Rue had survived and wasn't quite sold on Peeta yet.
- he liked the hovercrafts (not really sure why lol).
- he was interested in Cinna as a character.
- he agreed that my brother and sister should read The Hunger Games.

It's hard to get information out of him, but I could tell he liked it, even though it was something he'd never pick up on his own. He keeps asking me if he should read Catching Fire (duhhh) so I gave him the book. He wanted to read because he felt like he knew the characters and wanted to see what happens next, which was cute and is how I feel about some of the characters in this series. So I will probably do more posts on this topic, but now it will be my dad's thoughts on Catching Fire. Now you guys can recommend The Hunger Games to your parents/adult friends because they will probably like it!

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