Monday, January 12, 2009

Weird Coincidence

Right now I'm reading The Elite by Jennifer Banash. The main character, Casey, moves to New York City from a small town called Normal in Illinois. I didn't even know if this town existed -- that is, until today. I was eating breakfast this morning and paging through our county newspaper. There was a section of really small articles highlighting some human interest pieces. One of those teeny articles was titled "Couple Gets Hitched in Taco Bell." Under the title, it said the article came from Normal, Illinois! I thought that was so weird! First, because a couple is getting married in Taco Bell, and second, because I'm reading The Elite right now. I thought that it was so odd that I wanted to share it with someone. Haha. And I have no idea why that little article was in my paper because I live nowhere near Illinois.


TruBlu93 said...

That is pretty funny. I love it when stuff like that happens to me.

Laina said...

There's a book called Escape from Normal, I can't remember the author, it might be about that same place. I knew that Normal was a real town because I had a long conversation with a friend once about whether you would rather be from Normal or Boring (another real place).

Jennifer Banash said...

That's so funny! Yep, Normal definitely exists--I've driven through it many times :) So glad you enjoyed THE ELITE! Can't wait to see how you like ITD! If you're able to post your review on, that would be very helpful to me :)


Simply_Megan said...

Haha I loved hearing everyone's responses! Although, I think I'd rather live in a town called Normal than one called Boring!

And Jennifer, I'll gladly post my review on Amazon :)