Saturday, January 31, 2009

Books + Sale = Love

So the Borders Express in this mall really close to my house is closing! The mall is undergoing massive renovations, and they want to put "higher end" stores in the mall (I guess bookstores don't count?). A Barnes & Noble is going to be put in, but not for another two years! I'm actually pretty upset, because this bookstore was about five minutes from my house. But there was one good thing about the Borders closing: a huge sale to get rid of all the books.

The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti
Bogus to Bubbly by Scott Westerfeld
City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Envy: A Luxe Novel by Anna Godbersen

A lot of the YA section was picked over, but I think I got a pretty good selection. Everything was 40% off, so the grand total for all these books was $23.52, which is a very good price, especially since Envy is hardcover.


Alea said...

That is a great deal! About a year ago a local Borders was going out of business and I hit it up when everything was 40% of too. That was before I really got into my YA kick though so I think I only got a graphic novel and a memoir. But I remember finding The It Girl for my sister!

Hillary said...

ENVY! I just finished that about 2 minutes ago and I'm in the process of writing my review. OMG, it was FABULOUS! I got Bogus to Bubbly for Xmas...I need to read that.

Taren said...

That's a really good deal. All the bookstores in my area are miles and miles away, so I totally recommend that you become acquainted with some good online sellers. It sucks not getting the books right away, but at least it can be cheaper!

TruNerd said...

GREAT DEAL! You are going to LOVE the Nature of Jade (but the ending was suckish) and City of Bones (i read the first and second novels in the Mortal Instruments series on Friday. . . OHMIGOD they are AMAZING!!!!)

enjoy the books!


Simply_Megan said...

I've actually already read City of Bones and loved it, so I had to have a oopy of the book! And I'm glad The Nature of Jade is good. I've read Honey, Baby, Sweetheart and really liked Deb Caletti.

Thao said...

You should get them all. Such a great chance. I hope they'll put up the new bookstores real soon.

Book Spot said...

I'm still going back and forth on whether to read City of Bones or not (for several reasons) and I haven't heard of The Nature of Jade but I love the cover of Envy :)

We had a little Books a Million (that I'd never gotten to) & then it just disappeard so we never got any sales.

sharonanne said...

wow what an amazing price to pay for all those books.

Bookworm said...

OMG you are so lucky! I'm dying to read Envy!