Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Signing: Cinda Williams Chima

So tonight I got to see Cinda Williams Chima live and in the flesh. For those of you who don't know, and some might have never heard of Cinda because she's not terribly popular, she wrote the Heir Chronicles which include The Warrior Heir, The Wizard Heir, and The Dragon Heir. She was out and about to promote her new book The Demon King, which is the first of a 4 book series called The Seven Realms. If you can't tell these are fantasy books and very good.

Cinda came out at 7 to a fairly intimate group. There were maybe 20 people there, a mix of parents and kids. I think me and my friend Molly were the oldest (besides the parents, of course) but I didn't feel like too much of dork because the books do have characters who are like 16 years old. Anyway, she was very interesting and very very nice. Cinda talked a lot about what's it's like to be a writer and all the books she has planned for The Seven Realms series. She also let us in on a somewhat secret: that she's writing two more books for The Heir Chronicles. It hasn't been officially released yet, so you didn't hear it from me.

A lot of the stuff Cinda said can be found on her website, so I'm not going to type it all out here, but I learned some interesting facts about her (like her name is based off a character in a book, which I think is so cool) and that she hates to outline before writing.

This is me and Cinda holding a copy of The Dragon Heir. It was released in October, but I still haven't read it, so this was a good time to buy it. Here is what she wrote in my book

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Sam said...

So, this is random, but I found your blog through a list of top YA blogs to read, and was scrolling through it when I saw this post.
I'm now here to tell you how insanely jealous I am of getting to see her!! I LOVE Ms. Chima's books. :P Demon king is so great.
Random gushing over now.