Friday, December 12, 2008

Revealers by Amanda Marrone

Jules and her friends Dani, Zahara, Margo, and Sascha may seem like normal high school seniors-- but they're not. The girls are actually Revealer witches, which means they have the ability to make vampires, werewolves, and demons "reveal" themselves so the girls can destroy them. Even though it's a pain to kill these monsters every night, doing the world some good is a small consolation. That is, until the girls turn eighteen and are initiated into the inner circle of their coven. One by one, the girls are getting freaked out, but Jules, as the youngest, doesn't know what's going on. There's a terrible secret, one that threatens the very existence of the coven, and Jules has to find a way to save herself before it's too late.

This book was okay. The reader is immediately pushed into this coven's world, and at first everything was really confusing. I didn't know what was going on and there should have been more explanation about the coven and witches. As you read, you find out more, but a little background info at the beginning would have been nice. I liked all the characters, and they all had distinctive personalities which was fun to read. I also liked the suspense; the whole time you were wondering what the big secret is. Amanda Marrone does a nice job of slowly doling out new information, so you keep learning but at the same time are left in the dark. The ending, though, I didn't really like. It was a little corny and was too easily resolved. I think this book would be good for anyone that likes reading fantasy about witches.

6 out of 10.

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TheBookworm said...

I first saw this book on the available list on Book Divas. I do enjoy the occasional fantasy novel, but usually narrated by a guy. I'll have to see if my library plans on getting it! :)