Friday, June 26, 2009

Evernight by Claudia Gray

Bianca is used to the comforts of her small hometown and local public high school. But when her parents, both teachers, decide to take jobs at Evernight Academy, she must get used to attending boarding school. And Evernight is not like most schools. The building is as a big as a castle, and the rooms are old and creepy. Something isn't right at Evernight, and it's not just the rich, beautiful and and almost predatory teenagers that attend the school. And when Bianca meets Lucas, an outsider just like her, she can't help but fall for him. Unbeknowest to Bianca, there are dark secrets at Evernight, secrets that are destined to tear her and Lucas apart.

I really liked Evernight. I think most people know what it's about already (I knew before I started reading), but I want to write a spoiler free review for those who haven't read it. Surprisingly, I really liked Bianca as a character. There were times where she was annoying, but overall she was interesting and I could relate to her really well. I liked how Evernight Academy was described: it sounds really Gothic and creepy, and is the perfect setting for this novel. Half-way through the book, there is a twist, and then another twist at the end. I knew both twists before reading (darn you Sam!) but if I didn't, Twist #1 comes right out of left field. There is absolutely no foreshadowing to Twist #1, and you, as the reader, will probably be blind-sided. So be prepared for craziness half-way through the book. Now, Twist #2 was alluded to much better. As I stated before, I already knew what it was, but there were clues that I could pick out and say "Here's where the author wants us to question the plot." Even though I didn't like the set-up to Twist #1, Evernight was still really good, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series, Stargazer.

8 out of 10.


Amelia said...

Great review! I hope you enjoy Stargazer. It's fantastic!

Kristen said...

I loved this book and have the second one sitting at home waiting for me to read it. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!