Saturday, January 30, 2010

Technical Problems

So I don't know if anyone has noticed, but my header appears to be not working. For some reason, the link to the picture is broken, and I have no idea why. Since I'm not tech savvy in the least, I don't know when/how I'm going to fix it. So please don't mind the top lol. And if anyone has any advice, I'd sure appreciate it : )


lissa said...

I see the header, it seem to be working

if i can see it & you can't, I think it's your internet connection

if others can't see it, it could be problems with whoever hosted your header photo

but most times, i usually refresh my browser

hope you find these useful

Simply_Megan said...

You can see the picture of a girl with a book and the title Simply Books? Because all I see are some gumdrops which is not my real header.

austenfan said...

I don't see your normal header. Hmm, if you have the image of your header on your computer, I guess you could just re-upload it on the Page Elements tab. :)