Friday, July 23, 2010

The Stolen One by Suzanne Crowley

Kat's true identity is a secret, even from her. All she has ever known are Grace and Anna and their small village. Kat wants more—more than hours spent embroidering finery for wealthy ladies and more than Christian, the gentle young farmer courting her.

But there are wolves outside, Grace warns. Waiting, with their eyes glowing in the dark . . . and Grace has given Kat safety and a home when no one else would.

Then a stranger appears in their cottage, bringing the mystery of Kat's birth with her. In one night, Kat's destiny finds her: She will leave. She will journey to London, and her skill with the needle will attract the notice of the magnificent Queen Elizabeth—and of the wolves of the court. She will discover what Grace would never tell her.

Everything will unravel. (Taken from GoodReads)

It feels like I've been reading The Stolen One for forever, but it's only because I've been reading other books in between. I've been wanting to read this book since it was released last summer, but I haven't been able to borrow it from my friend. I heard about this book from Seventeen Magazine (pretty odd, I know) and the ten-word description made it sound really good. I enjoyed The Stolen One but it was as good as I expected it to be. Seventeen included it in it's Sultry Summer Reads but this book wasn't that sultry. I was hoping for a lot of romance and clandestine meetings, but it was more of Kat trying to discover her identity. However, I did love the mystery and learning about Kat's history and what made it even better is that she is part of Queen Elizabeth's court. If you don't know this by now Me + The Tudors = love x1000. So how can I not read any book set during this period? Besides the romance being kind of blah, The Stolen One is a pretty good historical fiction novel. But if you're looking for a great romance, I would skip this one.

7.5 out of 10.

FTC: I borrowed this from my friend.

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