Saturday, August 9, 2008

Everything is Fine. by Ann Dee Ellis

Despite the title, Mazzy's life is not fine. Though she continually repeats that that everything is fine to her father, her neighbors and even herself, she's suffering. Mazzy's mother is severely depressed and her father has abandoned his family for his career. She looks to her caring neighbors and painting for some kind of solace. As readers turn the pages they will discover what tore the family apart and learn how it can be put back together.

This book was very sad. Mazzy is only eleven or twelve years old and has to care for her mother who can barely get out of bed. Somehow she is strong enough to pull through which is nice to see in such a young protagonist. Even with a great main character, the book seemed poorly written, without much of a plot. The book jumped around between topics making the story a little choppy. It's a short book, but don't mistake the length for a light-hearted story; it's anything but.

5 out of 10.

Release Date: March 2009


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i would like to read this book now! good review