Monday, August 11, 2008

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing by Michael Harvey

So the title is pretty self-explanatory, is it not? A book all about college writing. This is one of my required summer reading books for AP English. When I first started reading the book, at the introduction, it was death. It was deadly dull and I thought to myself, "How will I get through this?" But as I got past the intro and read more, it got better. A lot of it is common sense, but it's good to reinforce some of the grammar rules. It's the perfect book for tips on sounding clearer, knowing when to use certain punctuation, citing sources, and much more. Now I wouldn't recommend this as a "fun" read, but I would say that if you want to become a better writer, you should definitely read this book.


MelodyJM said...

Sounds like a handy thing to have around! And hey, it must work because that was definately a really good review!

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