Friday, October 24, 2008

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Leviathan

Nick's ex-girlfriend has just walked in...accompanied by a new guy. He has to make her jealous, so he turns to the random girl standing next to him and asks her to be his girlfriend for five minutes. She answers by kissing him, hoping to get over her ex and avoid her not not-friend Tris in one shot. And so begins the first date of Nick and Norah, which ends up being one adventure after another in the magical city of New York. The two fall in and out, and in and out, and maybe back into love again, all in the span of one night, complete with a killer soundtrack.

Wow. My summary is really corny, probably because my brain has been in overdrive all week. I seriously can't think today. Anyway. So I was expecting a lot from this book, because I'd heard good things about it, but the story didn't really deliver. The whole idea for the plot was really good but the story was soooo.....slow... Nothing ever happened. I'm serious. Nick and Norah went to like two places the whole night and at these places the plot advanced by millimeters. There was a lot of internal monologue and a lot times the characters were overanalyzing each other and their relationship. Gah, it got so boring. I didn't even like the characters that much. This book was definitely a disappointment.

But the movie was really good, and I liked it a lot better than the book (which never happens, so this must be the apocalypse or something). There was actually a plot (that was a lot different from the book) and the characters were funny. OH and since it was rated PG-13, there was hardly any cursing. There was so much in the book, it started to get ridiculous. One thing I did like about the book was that Tris wasn't the typical mean ex-girlfriend, well she kinda was but there was more to her character. In the movie she was really one-dimensional, but in the book she had a purpose and I liked that a lot better.

5 out of 10.

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