Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest Blog: Eve Marie Mont

I love having authors write guest blogs because I think it's a great way to get some insight into a writer's head. Today the lovely Eve Marie Mont, 2012 debut author of A Breath of Eyre (published March 27, 2012) talks about her inspiration for her new novel:

I fell in love with Edward Rochester in my junior year of high school after reading Jane Eyre, and I’ve never quite gotten over him. So much so, that I ended up writing my first YA novel about a girl who gets lost in the book, Jane Eyre. Literally. As in she gets struck by lightning and wakes up to find herself living in Thornfield Hall, working for a mysterious man named Mr. Rochester, and falling in love with the ultimate bad boy. Even though I’m very happily married to a man I would describe as the ultimate nice guy, I still love Rochester almost in spite of myself. Because let’s face it: he’s dark, arrogant, moody, and he’s made a few mistakes in his life that are seriously hard to overlook. Besides, I’m too old to fall for a Byronic hero, right? Who do I think I am, a swoony teenager trying to reform the flawed hero?

But ultimately that’s the allure of Edward Rochester. He’s bad, but he’s not beyond redemption. Every time I read those long passages between Jane and Edward and watch their relationship evolve from master-employee to star-crossed soul mates, I am swept up in the romance of it all over again. Despite his flaws, I find myself rooting for Rochester, hoping he’ll get his act together and praying that Jane will forgive him and give us all the happy ending we’re longing for.

Thanks for visiting Eve! Make sure to check out her blog!

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