Monday, December 30, 2013

The Christmas Cookie Collection by Lori Wilde

The Christmas Cookie CollectionSummary:
Four delightful novellas featuring characters from Lori Wilde's New York Times bestselling book The First Love Cookie Club. First published as e-originals, they are now available in one volume and in print for the first time. (from GoodReads)

For some reason I keep getting all these romance novels in the mail, most of them by author Lori Wilde. I'm not really a big fan of straight romance, but I finally decided to read this Christmas themed novel in order to get into the holiday spirit.

What was different about this book was that it had four novellas about four different characters, all involving romance and Christmas. The characters are pretty much all friends or acquaintances and all live in the town of Twilight, Texas. This is the corniest town around, because they have a legend that if you throw a penny in the fountain, you will be reunited with your first sweetheart. A cute concept but  if I lived there I would probably get tired of all the couples on vacation because Twilight is a popular tourist destination for honeymoons and Valentine's Day.

What I didn't like was that most of the relationships weren't that well developed, but that's obviously because each story is about 100 pages. The story I liked best was about a woman whose husband found out she had a baby thirty years before, and then her daughter ends up in Twilight. That story was actually pretty interesting. The others were cute but really weren't anything special.

If you like romance novels I'm sure you'd enjoy this one, especially if you're looking for something holiday themed.

Rating: 6 out of 10.
FTC: sent from publisher.

2013/Avon/384 pages

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