Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paper Towns by John Green

Quentin Jacobsen has been next-door neighbors with the interesting and magnificent Margo Roth Spiegelmen for his whole life. They used to be good friends, but now as high school seniors, their relationship has been reduced to mere acquaintances. But then one night, Margo climbs into his bedroom window, and that all changes. On a harrowing nighttime adventure through Orlando, which include pranks, revenge, and breaking into SeaWorld, Q begins to see Margo as he always pictured her: wild, impulsive, and fun. But his hopes of them becoming real friends are dashed when the next morning Margo has disappeared, something not uncommon for the free-spirited girl. Following clues left by Margo, Q and his friends attempt to find her, leading them on a road trip they'll never forget.

I thought this book was amazing. When looking at John Green's other books, Looking For Alaska is the serious, life-changing book, while An Abundance of Katherines is the fun, humorous book. But Paper Towns is a wonderful mix of both. It was funny, the characters were interesting, it had a good message. There was even a bit of mystery that made you want to keep reading so you could find out what happened. The plot was unique and the writing was flawless. Margo, especially, was an original character, and even though I wish the reader got to learn more about her, the book was perfect the way it was. I could go on and on, but in short, if you're looking for a great book or are already a fan of John Green, Paper Towns is a must read.

9 out of 10.


Emily said...

Blahh I'm so jealous. I want this book soooo bad!

Tasha said...

This book is great. Have you read any other John Green books? They are all really great.

Simply_Megan said...

Yeah I've read all his books. I think this was my favorite.