Sunday, November 2, 2008


It seems like every year NaNoWriMo sneaks up on me. And I'm never prepared with a story or plot or anything. This is my third year participating, but I still haven't "won" yet. The reason? Mostly because November is one of the busiest months for me. High school swimming starts and we have like two hour practices every day. Top this off with a junior-year workload and you got yourself one busy person.

Last year I just reused the same story from the year before. I didn't feel bad about this because I know that I'm not going to finish. But now I'm totally bored with it. I'm not going to explain the plot but it takes place in Revolutionary America. Anyway, I've been rolling around this other plot in my head that also takes place during the Revolution. I have no idea why I'm writing historical fiction, you would think that present day would be easier. I can never think of any good contemporary fiction plots.

So I have to do some thinking and start writing. How is everyone else doing?

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