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Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson

Ever since Mrs. Amberson, the former-aspiring-actress-turned-agent, entered Scarlett Martin's life, nothing has been the same.

She's still in charge of the Empire Suite in her family's hotel, but she's now also Mrs. Amberson's assistant, running around town for her star client, Chelsea - a Broadway star Scarlett's age with a knack for making her feel insignificant.

Scarlett's also trying to juggle sophomore year classes, her lab partner who is being just a little TOO nice, and getting over the boy who broke her heart.
In the midst of all this, her parents drop a bombshell that threatens to change her New York life forever... (from GoodReads)

When I read Suite Scarlett about a year and a half ago, I fell in love with Scarlett, her crazy brother, and their somewhat dilapidated but still homey hotel. The Scarlett trilogy features a whole cast of interesting characters that is not limited to all of Scarlett's family, her friends, and Mrs. Amberson, the highly sophisticated older woman that comes to live at Hopewell and whom Scarlett starts working for. Scarlett Fever begins right where Suite Scarlett leaves off, so the reader doesn't miss anything.

What I love about Scarlett Fever is the humor. Scarlett always seems to get herself into questionable situations, mostly brought on by her older brother Spencer, who is an actor/comedian who prides himself on his skill of physical humor. It also doesn't help that Scarlett lives and helps out around an old hotel called Hopewell, which her family runs. There is always something going on at a hotel, it seems. But even though Scarlett is adept at finding trouble, she is a really likable character. She seems like a genuinely nice person who isn't afraid to trade insults with the best of them. I love sarcasm and wit, which thankfully Scarlett Fever is full of.

The plot of Scarlett Fever is really fast-paced and honestly there is never a dull moment. It's one thing after another - either something for Mrs. Amberson, or Scarlett sees her old sort-of boyfriend, or she's helping Spencer with his auditions, or there's craziness with her family. Speaking of family, have I mentioned how much I love them all? Even Scarlett's annoying little sister Marlene has a special place in my heart. Scarlett is really close with her brother and it makes me kind of jealous that I'm not as close with my siblings. Oh well.

I really did love this book and its predecessor - and I truly believe Scarlett Fever is contemporary at its finest. If you're looking for something cute and funny, this is your book.

Rating: 9 out of 10.
FTC: borrowed from a friend.

2010/Scholastic Point/332 pages.

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Robby said...

Maureen Johnson is one of my all-time favorite YA writers. This book was no exception.