Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - 66

Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish for bloggers who like to make lists about books.

Top Ten Settings I'd Like to See More Of

1. The Beach
I love books that take place during the summer - so much potential - and the shore setting is always the best. It's so romantic and there's plenty for the characters to do!

2. The French Revolution
Reading A Tale of Two Cities reminded me how fascinating this time period is and now I'm wondering why more historical fiction isn't set here.

3. The Titanic/Other Ships
I guess the Titanic is pretty cliche but it's definitely one of my favorite settings. Or a boat in general would be cool, especially since all the characters are stuck in one place, which could be interesting.

4. Philadelphia
This is the city closest to me, so I'd love more books set here!

5. Summer Camp
Reading Sleepaway Girls definitely gave the beach a run for its money as reigning awesome summer setting. There's just as much storytelling potential and there's so much to do there!

6. Roaring 1920s
I love history and this has to be one of best eras. It was before the Great Depression, the economy was booming, and life seemed to be so much fun.

7. London
I've actually been here, so I'd be able to recognize the landmarks! Plus it will be a way for me to return there without actually leaving my room.

8. Hollywood
I think reading a book about a movie star would be pretty interesting.

9. Tudor England
The market is flooded with these novels but I can't get enough of them!

10. Early 20th Century England
I watching Downton Abbey right now so I'm in the mood for some classy British aristocracy. The drama is set in the time around WWI, which isn't usually written about in YA.


Lisa said...

I love the Roaring 20s and Tudor England. As soon as I hear about a book with either of these settings I immediately have to purchase it.

kelley jensen said...

Great list. I enjoy a well used setting in a book. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

Briana said...

Love the summer camp setting! I don't believe I've ever read a book that had a summer camp setting but I've always loved The Parent Trap and movies that had it.

lillylilac said...

Good list, I also love reading about the French Revolution and the 1920s.

Anonymous said...

I'd love books set in Philly. It's such a great city.

Angela said...

Oh how I would love to be transported to a nice warm beach right now. Terrific list!