Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - 103

Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish for bloggers and readers who like to make lists about books.

Top Ten Best/Worst Endings Series Ending


1. Requiem by Lauren Oliver
I really do love this series but I was so disappointed by the ending! The book just ends and you don't find out what happens to the characters. I get that that's the point the author wanted to make, but I didn't like it!

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Howling
I still love this book, but I wasn't the biggest fan of Ginny, so I didn't like how Harry and her ended up together.

3. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
I didn't mind the ending but the rest of the book was not my cup of tea. Which is unfortunate because this trilogy is awesome.

4. The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray
I did enjoy the book mostly expect the part where a certain character dies.

5. Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
I truly believe this series should have ended with Eclipse... this book was rough.


6. Specials/Extras by Scott Westerfeld
Extras is a companion novel so I didn't know what you would consider the "ending." Both books are great though and I absolutely love the world that Westerfeld created.

7. Sever by Lauren DeStefano
I was surprised by how much I liked Sever, especially because I didn't like Fever. The ending actually makes sense and is a nice conclusion.

8. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
I cried so much reading this but it's pretty much perfect.

9. The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan
This trilogy is so understated and underappreciated but I love it.

10. Runaway by Meg Cabot
This was a fun conclusion to the Airhead trilogy.


lillylilac said...

Good list, I love Extras as well.

Lenore Appelhans said...

Runaway was fantastic!!

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