Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer


So this review will not be a traditional review, with a summary and then a short paragraph with my thoughts. No summary is needed, I believe, since so many people have already read the book or at least know what it's about. I'm going to go through the book and just list my opinions on certain key events. This won't be a ten page commentary on everything that happens, but it will be longer than a paragraph. So bear with me, while we journey into Breaking Dawn!

The book begins with Bella thinking that everyone is staring at her new car and the ring on her finger. I love Bella dearly, but sometimes she annoys the crap out of me. There are even times when I wonder what Edward sees in her. But that's for another day. Bella and Edward decide to tell Charlie that they're getting married. His reaction is pretty funny: "What, are you pregnant??!!" But when they tell Renee, I'm disappointed. I thought she would be angry, but instead she's all "Oh Bella even though I complained every day of my life that I got married too young you still can. I know you're ready and all that lecturing was for nothing." I agree with her that Bella has always been mature, but then what was the point of all the complaining?

Anyway, they get married, which was cute because I am definitely Team Edward and I didn't want Jacob lingering in the background, waiting to steal Bella. I thought the wedding was a little rushed, but I guess the book's long enough. Fast-forward to the honeymoon. And Bella gets pregnant?!?! If that isn't a cliff-hanger, I don't know what is.

To keep us in suspense, Stephenie switches to Jacob's point of view. I still think it's funny that Jacob wasn't even going to be a main character and now suddenly all the books are about him. Anyway, werewolf drama, Jacob forms his own pack and Leah is a part of it, along with Seth. Does anyone else want Jacob and Leah to get together? Because I certainly did. Jacob sees Bella almost 9 months pregnant. Now that part was weird. Ok, rant time: I was so so so angry that Bella kept the baby. The baby was killing her and killing Edward at the same time because he knew that it was his fault, and I thought, "How selfish can you be?" Of course Rosalie was protecting Bella which annoyed me. I loved the blonde jokes, though, they were so funny!

Anyway Bella almost dies giving birth and is finally turned into a vampire! And then Jacob imprints on Renesmee (I hate that name by the way), which was really weird. So Bella is a vampire and has this enormous self-control (which I predicted, go me!) and now the Cullen's don't have to worry about training her from drinking human blood. That screams plot device to me. I actually like Bella better as a vampire, I think it suits her well. And now I'm not that mad anymore because Renesmee seems really adorable. Oh and I hate that everyone calls her Nessie, that name is even more ridiculous than Renesmee.

So Alice sees that the Volturi are coming and she and Jasper high-tail it out of there. The whole time everyone's like "Oh, Alice and Jasper deserted us" while I'm thinking that they probably have some trick up their sleeve and will be back to save the day. Which they do. The Cullen's hunt down all their old friends and suddenly like 20 new characters are introduced and every single one of them has a power that I, as the reader, now have to keep track of. I thought that having a power is really, really rare? Because it seems like everyone has one. Anyway the Volturi come and Bella uses her totally awesome mind shield to save everyone. I really wanted a battle, but I love happy endings so I guess you can't have both.

So to re-cap: I feel like one of the few people that actually liked the book. Sure, there were parts I hated and thought were corny, but it seemed to make the book better for me. That's sounds kinda weird. I do understand those who hated it's thoughts and reasons why, but I don't know, I still liked it. But even though I like the series I love to read the commentaries that make fun of it. Sometimes they are so funny. By the way, did anyone figure out what the cover meant? Supposedly it has some kind of symbolism.


Booked Books said...

I hated the book myself. I couldn't even finish it after it went back to Bella's point of view. Oh well, to each his own.

Anyway, I've read a really funny explanation for the cover online.
Someone said that, "Chess is long and boring, and so is BD." xD

Simply_Megan said...

haha that is funny!

Laina said...

Reading old posts of blogs I follow to try to find book suggestions, and read this and I just want to say about the reason Bella kept Renesemee... thousands of women make choices like that, choosing to go through high risk pregnancies that could very well kill them, because they love their children, and it's really as simple as that.