Review Policy

"Without books, God is silent, justice dormant, natural science at a stand, philosophy lame, letters dumb, and all things involved in darkness."

To all authors and publishers:

If you're looking for your book to be reviewed, you've come to the right place! My reviews are pretty straightforward, with a summary (taken from GoodReads) and my opinion of the book. All books are ranked on a 1-10 scale (with 10 being awesome, 5 being okay, and 1 being horrible).

If you want your book reviewed and can send me a copy, that's great. I accept ARCs of books, too. If you don't have a copy of your book, but still want me to review it, I can try to get a copy of it from my library. But there will be no guarantees, because (unfortunately) my library does not have copies of every book.

If you send me a book to be reviewed, I will try to finish it. Unless, it's completely horrible, but that's hardly ever the case.

I can't guarantee when your book will be reviewed because I have so many other books that need to be read, but it will be reviewed eventually. If you need and/or want your book reviewed earlier, shoot me an email and I'll move it up on the list. If it's an ARC, I will try my best to read it before its release date, which usually isn't too hard.

Be warned: I will write negative reviews. They're never mean, but sometimes can be harsh, so if you don't want something bad written about your book, you might not want to send it to me. But don't worry, I like most of the books I read.

Even though I mostly read YA fiction, I am open to other genres and types of books.

If your books is an e-book, I will consider reviewing it on an individual basis. Staring at the computer screen hurts my eyes and it takes me much longer to read them, which is why I'm reluctant to review them. But there are some books that I really want to read and would be willing to read them in an electronic format.

And if you have any questions, or want your book reviewed, please email me at megan1430[at]yahoo[dot].com.