About Me

"Those who read cannot be read."
Hello Everyone!
My name is Megan and I am a US-based blogger. I am 21 and a junior in college where I am majoring in psychology with a minor in Spanish. I started reviewing books in August 2007, when a good friend introduced me to http://www.flamingnet.com/ (now LitPick!). After that, I became a student reviewer for Simon and Schuster's Pulse IT, Henry Holt's InGroup, and Little, Brown's Hip Scouts. I didn't even know anything about blogging until later and was amazed by the sheer amount of YA book blogs. In July 2008, Simply Books was born.

Simply Books is a young adult (YA) book blog, where I mostly review books that fall into the young adult genre. You will occasionally find reviews of the classics (when I have to read them for my lit classes) or adult novels that I pick up because they sound interesting. I like YA so much, though, that I don't think I'll ever read anything else.

The love of reading was instilled in me at a very young age. My mom majored in English in college (even though she didn't really work in that field) and my dad is a teacher, so I'm sure you can see that I didn't have a choice in the books department. In first grade, I read the most books out of everyone in my class for the year, and I never looked back.
Besides reading, I do have other hobbies, which include swimming, tennis, writing, watching TV (I am a tv addict, so I'm sure there's a show that we have in common that we can chat about), following politics, photography and being environmentally friendly.
So if anyone has any questions, or just feels like chatting, feel free to email me at megan1430[at]yahoo[dot]com.
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