Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Death By Latte by Linda Gerber

Aphra Connelly is back and ready for action in this thrilling sequel to Death By Bikini. She decides to visit her mother in Seattle, but the feeling in unreciprocated. Aphra's mother Natalie is practically upset that she's there, and Natalie's partner Joe hates Aphra even more. So when Seth shows up, unannounced, demanding his ring back, Aphra feels like she has no control over her life. And suddenly things get worse. When Joe is found dead, poisoned by a hot cup of joe (pun intended) Aphra and her odd group of family and friends must flee in order to save their lives.

This book, like its prequel, was an exciting read. I felt like Death By Bikini was rushed, but Death By Latte was more evenly paced. Aphra remains the cute and clever heroine, and now we get to see Aphra's mom, who was absent in the first book. Certain things annoyed me, though: like how Aphra couldn't stop mentioning her lifeguard and first aid training in her narration. Take it from someone who's certified in both plus other things; you don't think about it all that often. I know, I know, she was in a situation where that training could have come in handy, but still. Also, I hate when writers constantly use such sentence structures as "I wondered if Stuart's perception of her [Natalie] as independent kept him from offering to help her with it. I wondered if I should. Offer, I mean." For some reason, it drives me crazy! So any authors out there, refrain from this please! But besides those two minor annoyances I really did like the book and can't wait for Death By Denim.

7 out of 10.

Release Date: Tomorrow! (Sept. 18)


asdfjkl; said...

I agree about the annoyances some authors just have to add to the story. If the character meant something, have them say what they mean and don't make it all confusing by writing backwards. Okay, how I just explained that is way to confusing.

Is this book chick lit or just realistic fiction?

Ruth King said...

You hit on one of my biggest pet peeves: awkward sentence structure. I have Death by Latte on my wish list. I have Death by Bikini here, but haven't had an opportunity to read it yet. I need more hours in the day!

Simply_Megan said...

lol, I understood what you meant. Hm, I have this book under the genre of mystery, but it's a little chick lit because there's some romance.