Monday, January 13, 2014

Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Following the smash-hit Something Borrowed comes story of betrayal, redemption, and forgiveness

Darcy Rhone has always been able to rely on a few things: Her beauty and charm.  Her fiance, Dex. Her lifelong best friend, Rachel.  She never needed anything else. Or so she thinks until Dex calls off their dream wedding and she uncovers the ultimate betrayal. Blaming everyone but herself, Darcy flees to London and attempts to re-create her glamorous life on a new continent. But to her dismay, she discovers that her tried-and-true tricks no longer apply--and that her luck has finally expired. It is only then that she can begin her journey toward redemption, forgiveness, and true love. (from GoodReads)

I just loved Something Borrowed when I read it (and the movie was great too) so I had to read the sequel! I'm so glad I finally got around to it because Something Blue was such a fun read!

The book picks off where the first one ended, with Darcy and Dex broken up. However, this book is from Darcy's point-of-view. You really get to see how selfish and materialistic she is, which is made even more apparent. I totally understand why she's a difficult person to get along with. But it makes it so much sweeter when Darcy changes. She becomes a nicer and more caring person throughout the novel with the help of an old friend. Even though her personality development alters on miraculous (she really does a 180), it was still fun to read about.

Ethan was introduced in the first book and he's played by John Krasinski in the film (though his character is much different in both books than the movie) and was a wonderful addition to the cast. He's just a sweet guy and it was so nice seeing him and Darcy get closer.

Overall, if you enjoyed the first novel make sure you get the sequel! I can't wait to check out Emily Giffin's other work too!

Rating: 8 out of 10.
FTC: borrowed from the library

2006/St. Martin's Griffin/338 pages

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Kristan Sarah Stephanie Ingrid said...

Kristan actually enjoyed BLUE more than BORROWED, which totally surprised her. Probably because, as you said, the heroine's changes are so much more powerful in this story.