Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - 115

Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and Bookish for bloggers who like to make lists about books.

Top Ten Resolutions for 2014

1. Read 100 books!
In 2012 I think I reached this goal (or I was really close) but last year I only read 70 books. I'm going to try to make this goal again!

2. Read a book in Spanish.
I read a lot of short stories in Spanish for class, but I would love to try my hand at a full length novel. I know it will be slow going and I'll have to have a dictionary by my side.

3. Practice Spanish more.
I'm a Spanish minor and I really need to practice more (see above resolution). My goal is to read articles and watch some Spanish tv to improve reading and listening skills.

4. Be healthier!
I definitely want to try to eat healthier and exercise more. It's a common resolution that often fails so we'll see how it goes.

5. Be a more active blogger!
I would love to have more content on Simply Books but it's tough. I also need to spend time commenting on other people's blogs and interacting with bloggers.

6. Stop procrastinating.
This will be a tough one to conquer but it's so important!

7. Be friendlier.
I'm an RA at college so I'm already pretty friendly but I want to get to know my residents even more this semester.

8. Take more pictures.
I used to take so many pictures but now I don't anymore.

9. Travel!
I really need to go somewhere fun this year.

10. Enjoy my last semester of undergrad!!

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