Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blogger Profile: Mrs. Magoo

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Magoo of Mrs. Magoo Reads.

Name/Alias: Sophie, alias Mrs. Magoo
Blog Name: Mrs. Magoo Reads
Blog URL:

Can you tell us about yourself and your blog? I'd love to! I review YA books (although I have a Mini Magoo feature, for kids books, and Mama Magoo, for adult books). Every Saturday I have Saturday's Scribe: an interview or guest blog with an author. I also have Movie Monday, where every Monday I make a video out of one of my reviews and also give away a copy of the book I reviewed.

Why did you start a book blog? At first, I just thought it would be cool to have a blog! I decided to blog about something I love, books.

What special features does your blog have? Movie Monday is my main special feature. As far as I know, not many other blogs have review videos. Also having weekly contests to go with it is fun!

How often do you write reviews? This really depends. Sometimes I'll go two weeks without reviewing a book and sometimes I'll review a book a day for a week. It just depends on how much homework I have and if I'm in the mood to be reviewing.

What do you like best about blogging? Now that my stats are increasing, I love the idea that people actually read and value my opinions. But hey, the free books are great, too. =)

Do you have any tips for aspiring book bloggers? Make your blog unique. Now that there are hundreds of blogs out there, you want there to be a reason that people will go to your blog and not some other person's.

Thanks for answering my questions, Sophie! If you want to read Sophie's interview of me, click here. I'm also giving away a copy of You Are So Undead To Me by Stacey Jay at Mrs. Magoo Reads, so head over there to win it!


Iryna said...

I read Mrs. Magoo's interview with you over at her blog which linked me to your blog. It looks great! Keep up the good work (I sound like a teacher)!

Mrs. Magoo said...
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