Friday, July 24, 2009

Legacy & Spellbound (Wicked Series) by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

Holly Cathers is not the same person she was almost a year ago. After discovering her connection to an ancient legacy of witches, Holly has accepted her destiny as a descendant of the House of Cahors. She is determined to end an intergenerational fued that has plagued her family for centuries.

Holly will have to overcome unworldly obstacles as she battles to protect her loved ones - including Jer, a member of the rival House of Deveraux and her one true love. A war of magical proportions is being waged and Holly is at the center of it all.

Lives will be lost and sacrifices will have to be made... (summary taken from book)

I think I liked these two books better than the first two. The story moved a little faster and I feel like more happened. Unfortunately, what happened was more of the same. Really, I'm starting to think that these two authors have no creativity. The whole series so far has been Holly and her friends and family fighting for their lives. Several different people are out to get them, and every other page they are preparing for battle and hoping they won't die. It gets tedious, this looming prospect of death. And as I was reading, I just didn't like the writing. I kept finding things that I would change if I was the editor. It wasn't grammatical mistakes, just things like word choice that annoyed me while I was reading Legacy and Spellbound. The only redeeming quality is the cliff-hanger at the end. I want to know what happens, but I think I'm going to pass on reading the next book.

6 out of 10.


Anonymous said...

Your review is fair. I put down the first book after a few chapters. Your review made me not vaguely regret it.


Unknown said...

Dude, I think that is totally unfair. I loved the books. It has a way of wrapping you in to the book the point were you can't stop reading;it makes u want to know whats going to happen next. I read both the books and now the last one has come out. I have no doubt that it will be just as good as the rest of them. I've already started it and it has yet to disappoint me.

Anonymous said...

the first book and i loved it im trying to find it online for free but i can't can any of u guys tell me where to find it or tell me a download site i can get it off please
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Zeenat said...

I am three fourths of the way done with the first book, and I love every page. Since I am a mewly teenager (13), some parts may be confusing to me, but I am a pretty good reader so I catch on quickly. Maybe adults dont like it as much as teens, I mean it is FOR TEENS!I agree with Amanda. I loved it soooo much that I put the second AND the last book on hold ALREADY!! Maybe Mandy didn;t like it cuz it was to confusing for her!?! Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Those books wwere amazing, i don't know how anyone can criticize them like that! They were so good! I couldnt put them down and didnt do anything else for two days.

Snowkidz said...

Your review was unfair I couldnt put down the book.As I got into the second book I was starting to hate holly but that is what the writers want, holly thinks she "unlovable" after she drowned Hecate so they protrayed that very well.And I just love the story of Nicole its so intresting! The only thing i want to change is that I wish there were more parts of Nicoles story.

Still I counld not put the book down i read both books in a matter of days(4).Its just an amazing book i can't wait for the others.