Friday, March 9, 2012

Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

Things aren't pretty for Emerson Watts.

Em was sure there couldn't be anything worse than being a brainiac the body of a teenaged supermodel.

But it turned out she was wrong. Because that supermodel could turn out to have a mother who's gone mysteriously missing, a brother who's shown up on her doorstep demanding answers, a former best friend who's intent on destroying Stark Enterprises to avenge the death of his lost love, and a British heartthrob who's written a song about her that's topping the charts.

How can Em balance all that with school, runway shows, and weekend jaunts to St. Johns — especially when she's got ex-boyfriends crawling out of the woodwork who want more than just a photo op; a sister who is headed to the high school cheerleading championships; a company she represents that seems to be turning to the dark side...

Not to mention trying to convince the love of her life that models aren't really airheads after all...especially one model in particular.

But then, nobody said it was going to be easy being Nikki. (from GoodReads)

I have had Being Nikki on my shelf for the longest time, but just got around to reading it now. I was afraid that I wouldn't remember anything about the firs book, Airhead, but as soon as I started reading it all came back to me. Being Nikki reminded me how much I love Meg Cabot because this was a great sequel.

The concept of this series is very original. A normal girl, Em Watts, has had her brain transplanted into the body of supermodel Nikki Howard. So now Em has to get used to being rich and famous. Unfortunately for her, Nikki works for an evil corporation and discovering all the secrets of Stark is the crux of this novel.

Stark really is one evil entity, but I loved seeing Em get to the bottom of how evil they really are. I really want to see Stark taken down and I think we're on our way to that, which is awesome. I'm really hoping that's what happens in the next book Runaway. Being Nikki also is full of twists and turns which make me even more excited to read the next book.

This review is pretty short because I'm getting ready to go home for Spring Break (whoo!) but I really did enjoy Being Nikki and thought it was just as good as its predecessor (which almost never happens). I'm really looking forward to reading Runaway and seeing how this series is concluded.

Rating: 9 out of 10.
FTC: Christmas gift.

2010/Point/336 pages.

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Netherland said...

This book was fantastic. I loved Airhead and I read it in two days. Being Nikki took me even less time. The only unfortunate part of this book was that it ended. And, according to Meg Cabot's website, I have to wait until May 3, 2010 to read Runaway, the third novel in the addictive and fabulous Airhead series. Some books are predictable, and these books are not. I never in a million years would have guessed what was going to happen in the end. The book made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. I would read them again, except that my friend already took my copy of Airhead after hearing my praises for it. The problem is now that I don't feel like reading anything else; I want to stay immersed in Em/Nikki's world as long as I can.